Hey Look More Of This OC

art from when i decided to make an oc rp blog then deleted it the next day

these have been rotting away in a folder for a while so here take em

Anonymous asked: Your art is amazing! You should show us more! - your biggest fan!

thank you!!! i’ll try anon :”))

hello all you lovely people!! just dropping in to say i have a shiny new little art tag that you can go ahead and track if you want!!

the new tag is #liz drew a thing 

dr sprite edits for me and my friends’ ocs

they’re all huge nerds i lOv e them,  „

ok so i’m really late but since it’s still 4/13 in some time zones here’s a john wishing you a happy rest-of-4/13!! sorry for it being a shitty pencil sketch, it’s late and i cant use my tablet atm

happy homestucking ;)

steam icons i made for me and the Big Nerd

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hello! i'm liz and this is a blog for my artwork

i'm pretty inactive here sorry