as usual, late with things again over here in the good ol’ eastern time zone

but it’s still this dork’s birthday in other time zones, so we’re good 


Everyone please follow lizdrawsthings she drew my baby again-

ey i drew this

(follow broadwayboundbae if you like dangan ronpa ocs with major daddy issues ;))

Anonymous asked: post more art!!!!!!!!! i love it

thanks a ton, that’s really sweet to hear!! i’ll try to post art more often, but lately i’ve just been drawing stuff i don’t think anyone would really be interested in seeing here

i will try to update this blog more though!!

i was going to try to finish this before markiplier ended his playthrough of OFF but stuff came up and now i’m really late to the party

i was proud of it though, so i wanted to finish it anyways

here you go mark, i hope you like it!! even if it is terribly late

Anonymous asked: Romeo, Bromeo, I love ya so much omg you are so gay I wanna touch you no Homeo though lol


Hey Look More Of This OC

art from when i decided to make an oc rp blog then deleted it the next day

these have been rotting away in a folder for a while so here take em

Anonymous asked: Your art is amazing! You should show us more! - your biggest fan!

thank you!!! i’ll try anon :”))

hello all you lovely people!! just dropping in to say i have a shiny new little art tag that you can go ahead and track if you want!!

the new tag is #liz drew a thing 

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hello! i'm liz and this is a blog for my artwork

i'm pretty inactive here sorry